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Galveston Black Drum Fishing

We are coming in to our annual Black Drum spawn here at the Galveston jetties. Anglers hit the water in search for the hard fighting "BIG ugly". One of the best ways to target these fishing in Galveston is to use a 7/0-8/0 circle hook attached to a 100 lb mono leader, run to a 60-100lb swivel. Add a 4-8oz egg weight(size depends on the amount of tidal movement) on your main line above the swivel so that it can slide freely up and down your line. This is called a Carolina rig.The main bait of choice is live blue crab. First you break the crab in half, discard the top shell, take the hook and attach it to one of the joints of the biggest leg. I prefer the first joint that connects the leg to the rest of the body since it is the strongest. Using live or fresh crab is very important in bait selection.  You almost always want there to be some sort of tidal movement. At the Galveston jetties there are many spots to fish for these big black drum. We prefer to be at least 30-40 yards off the jetties so that your baits do not get hung up in the rocks. It seems like the large drum prefer the sand bottom when feeding. Some popular places to fish at and around the Galveston jetties is the boat cut on the north jetty, and the very tips of both the north and the south. Also, the old concrete ship has a deep hole in which you can also catch these fish when they make their move. Typically look to set lines out in 25-35ft of water. Anchoring and setting your lines out the back of the boat with the current is how to fish for drum. You will need a heavier rod and with a light offshore style reel. You can catch these fish on conventional bay gear but its like taking a knife to a gunfight! From late February until mid March you will find these fish stacked up the best. 

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