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Galveston Texas Deep Sea Charters for King Mackerel

Here in Galveston Texas, the King Mackerel is one of our highly targeted migratory species.  Anglers venture offshore in search of the these fish when the water temperatures reach around 74 degrees. We target these fish in Galveston around oil rigs, rip and weed lines, and wrecks or natural bottom. The method that most anglers prefer is trolling skirted lures, cedar plugs, or artificial diving baits. Typical trolling speeds for king mackerel range from 5-7 kts. Lots of tournament anglers will bump troll (bringing the engines in and out of gear just enough to keep the boat moving and the baits away from the boat) live blue runners in search for larger King's. The method that most charter captains in Texas prefer is drift fishing for them. They will set up a drift up current of an oil rig, wreck, or natural bottom where they were marking bait.  After they set out a few lines baited with sardines, shad, cigar minnows, or live baits, they will chum a few baits to get the scent out. You can sometimes see the kings school under the boat before they take the bait.  One technique I prefer is to set up on the up current side of an oil rig and leave my engines in reverse with the baits out of the front of the boat. This gives the baits a swimming motion almost like trolling on the up current side of the structure. It seems like most of the bait and predatory fish prefer this side of the structure.  Although king mackerel are the fish targeted during these techniques there is always a chance for other migratory fish to be caught like wahoo, dorado, cobias, and sharks. If you are wanting some line screaming action and a chance to catch some good king mackerel then give us a call and set something up. It is one of our favorite fish to catch here in the offshore waters in Galveston Texas.


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