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West Bay-Galveston trout fishing 1/20/15

The fog was so think that you could cut it with a knife. Visibility was probably 20 yards. Left the dock around 7:30am to fish some spots in west bay. Got to our first spot and was super slow. Hardly any bait or tidal movement at all. Fished for a bit and had a few bites. I didn't want to run too much do to all the fog so I kept working different areas around our first spot. The fog lifted around 11:00 and the fish slowly started to bite. Unfortunately majority of the fish that were caught we undersized. We caught and released over 50 fish with only 11 being keepers. At the end of the day our arms were sore from casting so much. Most bites came on a dark colored paddle tail with a shortreuse tail. The weekend coming up is looking nice. Give us a call for your next Galveston bay fishing charter!


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